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Customized Fine Decoration is another new work promoted by Grandland Decoration in 2015. Founded in 2015, Shenzhen Grandland Customized Decoration Design Co., Ltd. aims at the basic decoration with developers and the personalized customization with proprietors, enabling proprietors to take part in the design, construction and monitoring of decoration, abandoning tradition and emphasizing customization.


B2B2C and B2B are two main business modes employed by Grandland Decoration for customized decoration. B2B2C business mode refers to the strategic cooperation with real estate developers from product design stage, based on which the customized decoration is sold during the marketing of real estate projects and developers will promote and sell the customized decoration to proprietors while selling their apartments. B2B business mode refers to the all-round strategic cooperation with real estate developers by providing developers with one-stop fine decoration service with the integration of design, supply of materials, construction and after-sales service. Relying on its strong supply chain system, Grandland Decoration comprehensively integrates main materials of hard decoration, furniture, smart devices, soft decoration and other related items to save developers' management cost and enhance premium capacity in various aspects and at all levels.


Based on its study and concept of customized products oriented to consumers' demand, Grandland combines space and humanistic system through four modules including hallway, living room, kitchen and bathroom and four systems including storage, environmental protection, smart home and humanity to customize the "ideal home" in compliance with proprietors' personality.

In terms of residential fine decoration, Grandland not only takes the lead with its keen strategic prospective, but wins the faith and cooperation of many well-known real estate enterprises by its informationized management and standardized construction. It keeps its leading position so far and creates industry-renowned "Grandland Mode" for the residential fine decoration. Moreover, Grandland enhances its resources by its talented design team as well as its perfect and systematic supply of labor and materials. In order to further ensure the products' quality, 258 Engineering Management System is applied to Grandland's customized fine decoration projects and visualized remote management software is employed for project supervision.

Since its business mode is innovative and fully satisfies its clients' personalized requirements, Grandland's customized decoration business is popular amongst real estate developers: such real estate developers as Anhui Ronglian Real Estate and Zhejiang Jiayuan Real Estate have entered into strategic cooperation agreements with Grandland.


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